Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bubblr: A new paradigm in doing presentation

The ideas of doing presentation on board, papers or Microsoft Powerpoint has become too typical that students begin to lose interest in doing the task (what's more listening to the teacher/peers' presentation). Hence, Bubblr - a tool which creates comic strips using photos from flickr - provides teachers and learners a new paradigm in doing presentation which promises more fun and excitement! This tool is not only free, but also allows users to share their masterpiece with friends through emails or by embedding it to their website.

How to use it?

a) Create

1. Look for images by inserting keywords that are related/applicable to the theme/topic inside the 'tag' box. If you want to look for any images own by specific person on flick, enter their username inside the 'user' box.

2. Click 'go'. If there is no image appears as shown in the picture below, try again using other keywords.

3. Drag selected picture into frame provided. If you wish to change the image, just drag another picture into the frame. If you want to permanently remove the picture, click 'delete'.

4. If you wish to add bubbles to the slide, drag selected bubble into the frame and drop it where you wish. To add text, double click inside the bubble.

5. To add a new frame, click 'After current'. If you wish to add a new frame before any slide, click on the respective slide. Then, click 'Before current'.

6. After you are satisfied with the slide, click 'Publish'.

7. Finally, insert the title and your name. Then, click 'Done'.

Here is the example of the strip that I've made:

b) Share

1. Through emails: Enter email(s) of your friend(s) inside the 'Send to' box and then, click 'Send'.

2. Embed to websites: Firstly, click 'Blog this'. There are two options available on how you would like to embed the strip - slideshow and link. Decide an option, copy the html code provided and paste it to your blog editor.

Option 1: Slideshow

Option 2: Link

c) Other features available

1. Print the slide: To print the slide, click 'Print.'

2. Retrieve the slide: To retrieve the slide, go to the website homepage and click '.. or visit the archive.' Insert your strip title into the search box and click 'Enter'.

3. Edit the slide: Click 'Recycle this strip' and you may do the editing.

How could it be used in language teaching?

1. Pre-reading activity
Teacher can use Bubblr to show pictures as an introduction the theme of the reading. Using pictures can help to stimulate learners and capture their attention.

2. Post-reading activity
Teacher asks learners to create a mind map of the summary of the text. Learners will present their ideas using Bubblr.

3. Pre-writing activity
Teacher asks learners to work in pairs and brainstorm their ideas on the story line of a narrative essay. Later, they need to present their ideas using Bubblr.

4. Task-based learning
Teacher can ask students to use Bubblr as a mean to present their task. Incorporating technology into task is believed to be motivating for students to complete the task at their best.


  1. This tool is user-friendly and hence, suitable for learners with low technology-related skill.
  2. It is less time-consuming to publish a presentation as compared to Microsoft Powerpoint.
  3. Pictures allows students to expand their thinking, become more creative as well as enhance their imagination.
  4. Users can edit their presentation to do any correction. Hence, allowing teacher to give feedback and assess learners' progress in learning.
  5. Helpful for teachers to accommodate multiple-intelligence (e.g. visual, linguistic).
  1. It is quite hard to find suitable pictures on flickr. Users have to try multiple keywords to get the best picture that suits the topic/story line.
  2. The bubbles cannot be expanded and thus, limiting the writing.
  3. Lack of features which are needed to enhance the attraction of the slide: (e.g. music background. font, font colours, font size)
Despite its disadvantages, this tool is really recommended especially for instant presentation. After all, it depends on the teachers on how they would exploit this tool to make the lesson more interactive and fun.

For further understanding on how to use Bubblr, you may check out this video.


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